Other Work

Project: ATUM, IGF Finalist


This gamelab project competed as one of the eight student competition finalists of the Independent Games Festival at GDC 2013. 
I was responsible for the 3D layer of the game, and made the textures, multiple models and the final room in Unity. 

Project: Realistic Render

Implementing 3D models in real world photographs. The separate passes were rendered in Vray and composited in Autodesk Composite.

Project: Carpenter 

This cartoony character is modelled in Autodesk Maya, and painted in Photoshop CS5.
Its head was inspired by a friend of mine, and the style is based on "The Settlers 7" by Ubisoft and Bluebyte

Project: Hexabot

Texturing done in Photoshop CS5
Model by Neville Marcinkowski

Project: Anatomy

Anatomy project featuring an assembled skeleton from supplied bones, all ligaments and muscles. Built using Nurbs.